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Order and Medal books

D003 Document for Valiant Labor Medal, 1944 issue.
Medal s/n 40981 was awarded on April 1, 1945 to Bruk G. L. 
Excellent condition.
D005 Order Book 1945 issue.
Nazarov G. Y.  was awarded 4 orders.
Red Banner s/n 91808, Lenin order s/n 25231, 2 OPW 2nd class s/n 41537 and 500459.
Good condition.
D006 Document for Military Merit medal, 1942 issue.
Medal s/n 51384 was awarded on June 1, 1942 to Sverdlichenko E. A.  
Photo of recipient. Very rare.
Excellent condition.

Miscellaneous documents

D008 Document to member of Central Committee of Bolshevik Communist Party (VKPb).
Circa 1930. Signature of Stalin.
Issued to Gusarov N. I. who was head of Perm region Communists at that time.
Later was head of Byelorussian Communist Party in 1947-1950.
Excellent condition.
D009 Photo ID to Lieutenant. 
1942 issue. 
Good condition.
D010 Photo ID to Lieutenant. 
1946 issue. 
air condition.
D011 Food coupons to recipient of Soviet State awards.
1930 issue. 
Good condition.
D012 Photo ID to Lieutenant. 
1940 issue. 
Good condition.
D013 Soft-covered military ID to female. 
1943 issue. 
Good condition.
D014 Permit to enter Chernobyl area.
Only owners of such permit were allowed to enter Chernobyl area after disaster.
Permit was good until 1987.
Photo of permit owner.  
Very good condition.
D015 Communist Party of Soviet Union member ID to female. 
1974 issue. Member since 1944 
Excellent condition.

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