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L001  "The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals" (Hardcover) by McDaniel and Schmitt.
Out of print classic reference on Soviet Awards.
Great value.
L002  "Badges of Russia" . By S. Patrikeev and A. Bojnovich
 2-volume set.  
The most complete reference
guide to the Badges of Imperial Russia.
The book presents plenty of illustrations.
L003 "Heroes of the Soviet Union". 2-volume set.  
Photo and biography of every recipient of the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union, brief description of the feat for which the Title of Hero was given, and a list of all decorations issued to each Hero Star winner.
Hard Cover. Over 850 pages each.
L004 "Orders of USSR". By A. Kutsenko and Y.Smirnov
Very rare out of print reference.
English and Russian text.
400 pages with quality color photographs.  
Only 1000 copies!!!
L005 "List of Order of Glory Cavaliers".
Extremely useful reference.
Contains names of cavaliers of all three classes and serial numbers of the orders.
Only 1000 copies!!!
L006 St. George order cavaliers Archive. Volume 1.
List of recipients and serial numbers.
Soft cover.
186 pages.
L007 "Marshals and Admirals of Soviet Union" . By A. Kutsenko.
Information and illustrations on awards, uniforms, weapons, and documents.
376 pages. Very colorful.
L008 "Heroes of Soviet Union. Dates. Numbers".
Extremely useful reference.
All numbers of Gold Stars of Heroes of Soviet Union are listed in this book
Limited edition. Only 500 copies!!!
L009 Uniform tables of Russian Imperial Army.
1910. Reprint edition.
24 color tables
L010 "Cavalier" Magazine #10.
Russian and Soviet militaria.
Unique photos of documents, awards and badges.
170 pages

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